Talanza’s oil and gas regtech solution

Oil and Gas activities are heavily regulated and regulations are reviewed and updated constantly increasing the risk profile for upstream operations.

The mismanagement of regulatory compliance forces operators to allocate high-skilled employees to compliance management.

To solve this, Talanza Energy has developed the first RegTech solution for managing effectively the complex regulatory compliance challenge.

Regulatory compliance is a moving target challenge mainly on earlier stages of its implementation. Operators have to deal with hundreds of obligations, before several different authorities and under a complex legal and regulatory framework.

Long-term contracts will easily require over a thousand interactions between government and operators.


The system integrates the contractual obligations with the regulatory ones that contractors shall comply with. A user-friendly interface allow our customers to access all the necessary information for compliance in one site.

Talanza’s regtech solution helps our clients in starting up their operations as soon as possible, delivering bullet-proof regulatory compliance records and minimizing the risk of noncompliance to their operations in Mexico.

Talanza’s RegTech project administration tools allows users to comply with the legal due dates and plan ahead and optimize the timeline for operators’ regulatory compliance.

An integral solution that allows clients to solve the regulatory compliance challenge

With an efficient solution that releases human resources for higher-value activities, Talanza’s RegTech Solution assists operators in the compliance of contractual and regulatory obligations generating benefits from the first day of its implementation.

Talanza’s RegTech solution consists in the following modules:

Regulatory compliance management

· Based on project management principles.

· Breakdown of regulations in manageable and trackable tasks.

· E-mail alerts and traffic-light system.

· To-Do Lists and Gantt Diagrams.

Legal and regulatory database

· All contracts of Mexican Rounds, regulations and procedures are centralized and linked altogether.

Knowledge center and help desk

· Strategic consultancy in a Q&A box, that will be filed to your library for future reference.

· First-level support for any general inquire with Talanza’s team.


With a seamless integration of its 3 modules, Talanza’s RegTech Solution allows our clients to:
· Autofill obligations according to terms and conditions from contracts and regulation;
· Design its regulatory compliance strategy from a project management perspective;
· Regulatory rules are specified and executed using a workflow management system;
· Manage compliance of multiple contracts simultaneously.
· Process management modeling using graphical tools;
· Create subtasks to breakdown legal obligations into manageable tasks.
· Define objective due dates besides the legal ones, allowing to comply before legal term;
· Assign and track tasks by person, due date, topic, among others.
· View tasks from multiple projects as To Do Lists, Gantt Charts and meaningful Timelines;
· Track compliance through automatic and customized alerts and reminders.
· Upload documents for the creation of a secure and organized file for every contract;
· Find keywords on documents, regulations, processes and any other related document;
· Customized checklist per task;
· Integrated knowledge base with full search service over documents, contracts procedures, regulatory obligations and a repository for common questions and answers, and
· Exports data to Microsoft® Project and Microsoft Excel®.

A professional partnership to success

Talanza is a consulting firm specialized in regulatory compliance in the Mexican energy sector. Our experts were key players on the creation and operation of the Energy Reform of 2013. Their past strategic positions in agencies like ASEA, CNH, SHCP, SENER, CRE, and Pemex are key to understand the real challenges of the Mexican regulatory system. www.talanza.energy Ontica LLC is a cutting-edge software development with over 25 years of experience in building customized solutions for government, private and social sectors. www.ontica.org Together we have designed the first RegTech solution for oil and gas regulatory compliance management, based not only on legislation –its processes, timeframes, etc.– but also on public sector expertise and strategic approach.

Our state-of-the-art platform, is the missing piece to simplify regulatory processes, minimize risks, and guarantee an optimal compliance record.

Technical specifications

Talanza’s Regtech solution is created with the latest software technology with the objective of solving the challenge of regulatory compliance for oil and gas projects.
· 100% web solution developed using cutting-edge technologies
· Unlimited storage, transactions and user accounts;
· Agile software development with continuous integration, that allows to have new product versions with more functionality every one or two weeks;
· Designed for easy integration with government and third party systems
· SSL/TLS plus client certificate authentication;
· Sensible information and documents are protected using SHA-256 and stored using AES algorithms;
· Process management modeling complies with the BMPN 2.0 standard.
· Full audit trails and changes track visualization for every user action and data changed;
· Role-based access management;
· Designed on service oriented architecture (SOA) through HTTP JSON/REST web services;
· Deployed on Microsoft Azure® cloud services with Service level agreement of 99.95%;
· On-premises deployment available upon request;
· System’s backend is developed using C# and .NET, with powerful access through HTTP JSON/REST Web API;
· We run under Microsoft SQL Server but we can deploy the databases on others DBMS;
· System’s frontend is built using Angular and TypeScript;
· For easier integration with other systems and applications, we will provide a public API and custom-tailored private APIs as well, and
· Customers can extend the system with optional reporting tools and add-ons, and we can build customer specific features too.