Our Strategy Is based on the recognition fact that adequately solving each and every regulatory requirement from a concurrent multidisciplinary approach, is the most effective way of minimizing the possibility of an operation delay, a contractual penalty or the initiation of a legal proceeding, resulting in the best regulatory compliance strategy.

Guidance services

Defining the what, when, how and with whom to fulfil every obligation and procedure before the respective authorities. We deliver and follow up a compliance timeline with the necessary information to fulfil every obligation with a project management perspective.

Assessment services

Supporting the technical document integration with the public servant approach delivering un-struggled applications with minimum interactions with the regulator allowing a minimum cost of compliance.

Consultancy and advocacy services

Delivering a solid knowledge through technical, legal and regulatory analyses behind each procedure or administrative process.


Our technical regulation specialists provide tailor-made workshops and seminars that accelerate an adequate and in-depth understanding of complex requirements, such as: exploration, appraisal and development plans; national content and technology transfer programs; drilling permits, SASISOPA, MIAs, discharge permits and waste management plans; fiscal modelling, contracts, legal framework of the energy sector, among others.