Marco Cota

Mr. Cota is the founder and CEO of TALANZA where he assists international energy companies in the design and implementation of tailor-suited strategies for their regulatory compliance adjusted to the applicable geopolitical context, considering current and upcoming regulations.

María Serna
Head of Legal Services

María Serna advises on the design of the regulatory compliance strategies where she oversees that each of our suggestions is both legally viable and enforceable as well as representing the minimum government relationships wear. She has experience in advocating before high-level public servants of the energy regulators in favour of our clients often integrating diverse stakeholders’ points of view.

Felipe Ortuño
Head of Exploration and Appraisal

Felipe Ortuño, PhD, provides high-accuracy assessment to our clients regarding their exploration and appraisal processes and the drafting of the respective plans, as well as technical advice. Thanks to Mr. Ortuño’s services, our clients have benefitted of unstruggled applications resulting in an effective and timely compliance.

Irwing Esqueda
Head of Drilling and Development

Mr. Esqueda, provides our clients with a specialized assessment of their extraction plans and wells approval processes, as well as technical advice in Drilling Engineering. His background includes a wide experience and working with Oil & Gas companies in Mexico and overseas, which enriches his regulatory background from his experience working in CNH.

César Cruz
Head of Industrial Safety, Environmental and Social Affairs

As Head of HSE for Oil and Gas Regulatory Compliance, Mr. Cruz provides a comprehensive advice to our clients up from the technical assessment of the design or review of our clients’ internal mechanisms and processes to their translation or adjustment to the national requirements for a successful application of the required permits.

Alejandro Suárez
Head of Economic and Fiscal Services

In TALANZA, Mr. Suárez advises our clients in their oil contract’s fiscal planning, including the fiscal modeling of their projects, which allows them to make precise economic bid proposals, as well as in the reporting of all their financial obligations.

Marilu López Peralta
Legal Counsel

In TALANZA, Marilú López Peralta is in charge of the advice, planning and application for the required permits before the different energy regulators as well as providing legal counsel to transactional documents pertaining to each project.