We are an
outstanding team of
energetic consultants


is a Mexican regulatory compliance firm founded by experts on areas where technical and legal expertise is highly required.

Resulting in a unique multidisciplinary perspective (regulatory, engineering, legal, public sector, financial, fiscal, environmental and social) that benefits our clients by allowing them to assimilate, manage and comply with governmental procedures for developing effectively their operations in Mexico. Our competitive advantage relies on our team’s very own insight and understanding of the energy reform in which each of TALANZA’s members has the dual perspective, as an active key player in the design and implementation of the reform, and, as actual operators of these regulations, from each of the different Mexican institutions such as SENER, CRE, CNH, ASEA, SHCP and State Productive Enterprises such as PEMEX and CFE. This broad understanding of the complex regulatory framework is kept into perspective individually and collectively by each of our members, guiding each of our advices for the benefit of our clients.

Our main competitive advantages

A wide and in-depth understanding of governmental requirements and procedures that allows our clients to comply with regulations in an effective manner avoiding operation delays.