We are an
outstanding team of
energetic consultants


Talanza Energy is a consulting firm specialized in regulatory compliance in the Mexican energy sector. We guide our clients into achieving a fast and seamless execution of their projects as we align their operational objectives with the compliance of all regulatory requirements.

Our clients often face delays in their project execution and commercial objectives which are subject to a complex and dynamic regulatory system. Thanks to our Regulatory and Governmental Intelligence approach, we provide our clients with an adequate plan for compliance and a continuous risk assessment in order to anticipate any regulatory requirement not foreseen during the planning stages.

Bullet-proof regulatory compliance

Our business model merges with our clients’ business culture and goals, placing our technical and strategic expertise in every solution, as well as providing our clients with both (1) a bullet-proof regulatory compliance record, and (2) a simple path that allows our clients to reduce their project execution time lines.

Our main competitive advantages

We are a unique firm integrated by experts in energy regulation and public administration, conformed by a professional team with vast experience in the evolution of the energy sector during the last 10 years.

Our expertise has been key in allowing our clients the most effective alternative to solve any governmental challenge related to the Mexican energy sector. Our comprehensive approach covers the main areas which require a diverse range of expertise such as public sector cultural and administrative processes, legal, engineering, HSE, social, finance, business, fiscal, among other issues.

In other words, our core business is to help our clients in starting up their operations as soon as possible, delivering bullet-proof regulatory compliance records and minimizing the risk of noncompliance to their operations in Mexico.